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Child and Family Services

Crenshaw Rinehart Social Service BrochureChild and Family Services provides services to prevent out-of-home placement or reunifies children and their families in cases of substantiated reports of child abuse or neglect. Services offered to families include:

  • education
  • counseling
  • visitation
  • sexual abuse treatment
  • parent aides
  • homemaker services
  • home-based family services

Child and Family Services purpose is to keep children with their families whenever it is possible. In a safe, familiar environment by providing the following types of In-Home Services to families when appropriate:

  • Voluntary services (Protective Services Counseling)
  • Court-ordered services (Protective Services Supervision)
  • Intensive services (Protective Family Preservation). These intensive services are provided to children who are at immediate risk of an out-of-home placement

Services can include teaching parenting skills, developing child safety plans, teaching conflict resolution and problem solving skills, and linking the family to broad-based community resources.

Child and Family Services supports child abuse and neglect prevention services for families and the community. Available programs include parenting classes, evidence-based home visitation programs, statewide community and school-based education presentations, support in local Family Support Centers across the state. Crisis nurseries, as well as planned respite.

Child and Family Services focus is child safety, and working to strengthen parents and caregivers who are otherwise unable to meet their own child’s needs. the work is focused on effective interventions regarding safety issues related to child abuse and neglect.